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We provide experienced counsel with trademark matters.

We provide expert assistance to help you develop, register, and protect your trademarks or service marks. Federal registration isn’t a requirement to obtain protection for your marks, but it is highly recommended. By federally registering your mark, you prove ownership of the mark, create nationwide priority, and can establish an exclusive right to use the mark on or in connection with your goods or services.

The trademark-application process can be relatively straightforward, but before you file for registration, it is important to properly vet the mark you have chosen to ensure that it is both distinctive and not currently in use by others. Once registration is obtained, you must also take steps to maintain your mark’s registration over the years. Details about trademarks, and the benefits of federal registration of trademarks, can be found on BitLaw.

Our lawyers are well versed in all aspects of trademark law. We assist you with everything from developing your brand by choosing trademarks that reflect your unique identity, to obtaining registration for your marks and maintaining those registrations for years to come.