For more than two decades, our partners Matt Forsgren and David Wallace-Jackson have earned reputations as counselors and investigators capable of handling the largest and most sensitive problems organizations face. They have investigated issues ranging from workplace misconduct and governance controls to allegations of fraud and corruption. They have even been tasked to investigate a murder-for-hire scheme.

Our firm is particularly experienced in counseling clients regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other laws that impose constraints designed to deter corruption. Clients turn to us to achieve compliance with such laws and avoid problematic business practices.

Matt’s and David’s ability to gather information from persons disinclined to provide it is a critical aspect of our success. In addition, our federal criminal-defense practice brings us in regular contact with federal prosecutors—with whom we also interact outside of our investigations and defense work. For example, Matt has co-chaired (with prosecutors) the White-Collar Practice Committee for the Federal Bar Association’s Minnesota chapter and has also worked collaboratively with prosecutors on the Federal Practice Committee. David is the Vice Chair (and Past Chair) of the International Association of Defense Counsel’s White Collar and Investigations Committee.

Where concern arises about how individuals within an organization have behaved, our investigative experience can be invaluable. We are meticulous about examining the evidence and dogged in unearthing facts that our clients need to make important decisions. A client once said of Matt Forsgren and David Wallace-Jackson, “If you don’t really want to know what happened, don’t hire them.” If you do, we’re ready to help you understand the facts and chart a course forward.

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