Trial Lawyers

Our trial lawyers are just that: trial lawyers. We don’t live our professional lives on one side of the “v.” or the other. We’re better plaintiffs because we’re defendants, and we’re better defendants because we’re plaintiffs. Of course it’s great to win before trial, or to develop facts that drive a favorable resolution, and we do that as often as possible. But being at home and skilled in the courtroom is ultimately what is needed to win the toughest cases, and the courtroom is where we thrive. We love telling judges and jurors our clients’ stories. We love framing cases so as to help judges and jurors understand and interact with complicated facts or technology. And we love the battle.

We go toe-to-toe with the biggest firms in the country and relish chances to prove that, when it comes to connecting with courtroom decision-makers, it just doesn’t matter how many associates and staff members a lawyer has in the background. What matters are the facts and your lawyer’s ability to build trust with a judge or jury. Authenticity is persuasive, and meticulous preparation essential. We bring our full, genuine selves to court and we know our cases inside and out. We would be proud to stand up for you or your company in the courtroom, and, when we do, we will give you the best possible shot at winning.

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